April 16, 2011

Calling em like you see em

Usually this blog on weekends is devoted to silly stuff, with the heavy lifting saved for the week. Today, however, I can't help but break tradition and give a shout out to Congressman David McKinley, a Republican who represents West Virginia's First District.

Congressman McKinley was one of only four Republicans to vote against Congressman Paul Ryan's radical budget plan that would gut Medicare and severely damage Medicaid and CHIP while giving more tax breaks to the affluent.

I don't live in his district but felt led to call his Wheeling office to express my gratitude. His staff person told me that he promised long ago to protect programs for seniors and I remember that during his campaign he promised to act independently.

His courage and adherence to principles over partisanship and reality over ideology is very commendable. I would encourage anyone who lives in West Virginia, and especially those in his district to contact his office and express gratitude for his vote on this crucial issue.

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