January 04, 2011

So my daughter got her nose pierced

This is not my daughter, but it has a great nose.

Yes, that would be the one with the doctorate. I got one of those "Guess what?" calls over the holidays, the kind that every parent receives with some amount of trepidation. "I got something pierced today."

I knew the ears had long been done, but the other possibilities made me downright queasy. "It wasn't your tongue, was it?" I asked. She was speaking too clearly for that, but one never knows. I started running down the list and it turned out to be the nose.

I generally try to be supportive but the best thing I could come up with was the observation that I would feel fully justified using force to prevent someone from doing the same to me.

"You remember that you do karate, right?" I asked. "You get hit there."

She was undeterred by this possibility, possibly because she usually dishes out more punishment than she receives when sparring.

I talked to my son in law about this. "She just likes to express herself," he said. I guess this is what happens when one grows up listening to Madonna.

VOX POPULI. Most Americans support raising taxes on the wealthy to deal with deficits.

SOMETHING IS WORKING to fight poverty in different parts of the world.

HOPES FOR 2011 from Nobel economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz here.


ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY, folklore pioneer Jacob Grimm was born in 1785, poet T.S. Eliot died in 1965 and President Lyndon Johnson outlined his vision of the Great Society the same year (he also said a thing or two, alas, about a certain dustup in southeast Asia). For more, click here.



Hollowdweller said...

Better than a tatoo.

Remembering all the fuzzy, blueish looking panthers and american flag tatoos on peoples arms as a kid(usually WW2 guys) I could never imagine why anybody would want one.

Then somebody told me the new ones won't get like that.

Now, about 20 years later I see plenty of fuzzy bluish things on peoples arms. Even worse is the cute little girls who get tatoos as skinny teen agers and then 15 years and 50 lbs later there's this fuzzy stretched out thing in the small of their back or on their calf that looks like it used to be a mandala, or some barbed wire or something.

The holes grow back. The tats cost you some jack to remove.

Anonymous said...

What he didn't include is that I also have two tatoos...one of which he still refers to as a scar... "Papa Don't Preach" :)haha

hollowdweller said...

I hope one is either of John L Lewis or Mother Jones. ;-)

hollowdweller said...

I hope one is either of John L Lewis or Mother Jones. ;-)