January 29, 2011

Consulting the oracle

Image courtesy of wikipedia. We didn't have any around.

The Charleston papers, as WV readers know, have vent lines to which people can call in to express their opinions or questions on any conceivable topic.

And they do.

The Spousal Unit is better at keeping up with these oracular statements than I am and she found a few worthy of making it to the Goat Rope Farm refrigerator. They may have deep hidden meanings or, like Zen koans, could lead to Enlightenment if only one sits and contemplates them. Here are a couple to meditate upon:

I'm just wondering if anybody else who has been eating Slim Jims lately can tell they've got a new taste to them?


I don't think it's right that the state provides vehicle insurance for state employees who sit around with snuff in their mouth during the course of their work day.

Finally, it seems that the lottery, which I used to describe to GED students as a tax on people who aren't very good at math, is a recurring topic of interest:

My wife and I bought a roll of 100 scratch-offs--there were three $1 winners and two $2 winners--$7 out of $100. What a joke.



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