July 27, 2007


For first time visitors, this blog generally covers fairly serious issues during the week. Weekends are reserved for the commentaries of various animals in and around Goat Rope Farm.

This weekend, we are pleased to introduce a new commentator, Stewpot Rooster, Culture Warrior. The views expressed by Mr. Rooster are not necessarily those of the Goat Rope staff. Rather, by providing space for opposing viewpoints, we hope to promote a climate of mutual respect and deep listening and reduce the tragic polarization of our times.


You know what's wrong with this country? You know why we're going to hell in a handbasket? You know who's to blame? You know when it's going to hit the fan? Do you know where it's heading? Do you know how to stop asking questions? I don't...

Anyway, here's the deal...we've let a bunch of pointy headed socialistic liberal Dixie Chick listening media elites take over everything and run this country into the ground.

They've got it all, those slimy #(@#). They've completely taken over everything! Except for the presidency. And the Justice Department. And like all the other federal government agencies. And federal judges. Oh yeah, and the Supreme Court. And like Fox News and a bunch of other big media. And then there's a bunch of corporations. And like all those foundations and religious right groups. And like congress till last November and almost half of it now. But aside from government, the private sector, most of the media, and a lot of other groups out there--they've got it all!



Jspiker said...

Spoken like a true demagogue, and a tyrant, and a pointy headed #(@#) doing a mass mailing that I received in the mail yesterday. How ironic….we should all give peas a chance!

Stewpot Rooster should have his own talk radio show.

El Cabrero said...

That's what he's aiming for. I think he wants to be the Bill O of the poultry world.