June 23, 2007


For first time visitors, this blog generally covers fairly serious topics during the week. During the weekend, however, we open this space to various animal commentators in and around Goat Rope Farm.

This weekend, we are pleased to once again welcome our official film critic, Mr. Sandor Sege (pronounced Shandor Shegg-AY) who will discuss the film "The Battle of Algiers."

We must remind the reader that Mr. Sege suffered a head injury when he crashed into a wall whilst chasing a squeaky toy. As a result, he sometimes transposes the plots of the films he discusses. Nonetheless, we believe that his unique insights into the world of cinema more than compensate for this regrettable shortcoming.

It is our hope that features such as this will promote a greater appreciation of both the humanities and the animalities.


OK, this movie is very important for understanding certain geopolitical situations today.

It's like about this place Algiers and all these French people are there but everybody else wants them to leave.

What really starts the whole thing is when these guys break into the Dude's house and pee on his rug.

(Sometimes I pee on the rug when Moomus and Doodus are away too long...)

But the thing is, it tied the whole room together. All the Dude wants is his rug back.

So he leaves Kazakhstan and comes to America with his producer and falls in love with Pamela Anderson and goes across the country trying to find her but in the end he decides to just go bowling.

I think the message is if you want a peaceful world and no more battles of Algiers, people should stop peeing on each other's rugs and bowl more.



Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I see that Mr. Sege has again given me a new perspective on a film that, when I first watched it, I thought had taught me quite a bit. Evidently I missed something in my viewing.

El Cabrero said...

I think he did have an interesting point about the rug. The world probably would be a better place if people left each other's rugs alone.

Juanuchis said...

I would love to read Mr. Sege's review of "Becket", which is now on DVD (huzzah!).

El Cabrero said...

Good idea! I'll ask him to put it on his list. Thanks!

Juanuchis said...

Be forewarned, Blogger and I don't get along when it comes to HTML links. The link will preview properly, but won't .

That said, dear El Cabrero, you've been tagged. :)

Mary Rayme said...

Mr. Sege's review makes happy to people from West Virginia and Kazakhstan! That Pamela Anderson has great assets, also. I will refrain from peeing on rugs all day in honor of Mr. Sege.

El Cabrero said...

I have conveyed your message to Mr. Sege and he replies as follows:

Please to thank writer of messages and hope for make cultural learnings of mutual benefit and understandings of peoples.

(He has been fairly good regarding rugs lately but had a cushion accident...)