April 21, 2007


DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS: The item about Iraqi refugees from yesterday should have read "40-50 thousand" per month insead of "40-50 per month. " My bad. It got corrected on the web but not the email subscribers. Thanks to readers who pointed that out.

I just did it to see if yall was paying attention...

BACK TO THE REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM. For first time readers, it is the policy of this blog to cover fairly serious issues during the week. The gratuitous animal pictures are just kind of there.

During the weekend, however, the animals speak for themselves.

We are pleased to welcome back bantam rooster and noted free market economist Dr. Denton "Denny" Dimwit. Dr. Dimwit is director of the Goat Rope Farm Policy Foundation, a fellow of a number of conservative and libertarian think tanks, and is a senior economic advisor to the Bush administration.

We are convinced that Dr. Dimwit is by far the brightest and most intellectually distinguished representative of this school of thought.

It is our deepest wish that by providing space for (bio) diverse viewpoints, we are reducing the tragic polarization of our time, promoting civil discourse, and creating a climate of profound mutual respect.


Crudawackapatootie! This blog must be on stupid steriods. You guys have been in to the goat pellets again, haven't you?

What's all this stupid stuff about global warming anyway? There's no such thing as global warming. And if there was, you couldn't do anything about it. And if you could, it would interfere with the market and the market is the one thing on this earth you don't want to mess with.

And besides, if global warming was REALLY happening, things would be getting hotter, right?

Well check out that picture. The little handsome guy is me. Pretty sharp, huh? And see what's beside me? That BIG hen? That's what I'm talking about. Yowza!

How can it get any hotter than that? And if it could, bring it on!

Oh yeah, and did I mention SHE'S WITH ME!!!

Yeah man...

That's the beauty of the market. And that's the truth. You bet your cloaca.



Anonymous said...

Totally off topic, but El Cabrero, do either you or La Cabra ever read any of Anne Lamott's books, and if so, do you have any comments on her writings/beliefs, etc.?

El Cabrero said...

I listened to a recording of her reading Plan B and thought it was a hoot. I really enjoyed it. Loved the snark factor. La Cabra has her book on writing, which I have been looking at with longing...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I thought so. Not Episcopal, but we'll forgive her.

El Cabrero said...

Well, like they say, nobody's perfect. I've been told that even Presbyterianism can be forgiven.