March 31, 2007


For first time visitors, this blog generally discusses fairly serious social and cultural issues during the week.

The gratuitous animal pictures that usually accompany each post are simply El Cabrero's pathetic attempt to derive some use from the animals infesting Goat Rope Farm.

During the weekend, however, it is longstanding Goat Rope practice to provide space for the animals to speak for themselves.

This weekend we are pleased to provide a cinematic post-modern moment in which you can watch an image of a dog on a blog watching and reviewing a movie of himself on a blog. (At some point, we hope to achieve infinite regression...)

The animal in question is none other than our very own canine film critic Mr. Sandor Sege (pronounced Shandor Shegg-AY).

We believe it's safe to say he's his own biggest fan.

Here's the link to the movie.

Note: To ease problems for viewers using slow internet connections, Goat Rope home movies in the future will generally be linked rather than embedded in posts.



Jspiker said...

They're all good animals...
Sandor Sege for pres in '08

I've never seen a dog do that while watching himself on TV.

Love the video!

El Cabrero said...

He would be a good president or at least better than what we have now. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it!

Now he wants to make one of him watching himself watching that one. To start with.

Donutbuzz said...

Oh man--this ought to be a recurring Goat Rope feature! Awesome.

El Cabrero said...

Thanks, DNB. There are more in the hopper.