April 23, 2021

Some good news

 A friend drew this for me as a joke.

The American Friends Service Committee first came to West Virginia 99 years ago. There were hard times in the coalfields and child nutrition was an issue. Sound familiar? 

It's something I've worked on for the last eight years, from nudging county school boards to expand free school meals to trying to fight off attacks on food assistance programs at the state and federal level to supporting .

Free school breakfasts and lunches are a winner all around. They can improve child nutrition, learning, behavior, discipline, academic performance and a host of other things.

I was very excited to learn that the USDA decided to expand/extend free school breakfasts and lunches to all public schools through 2022. This also means more Pandemic Electronic Benefit cards. This is a huge win for kids, schools and working families. I'm hopeful that these measures will prove so popular and beneficial that they'll become permanent.

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