February 11, 2020

Act now for summer food for kids

The WV Summer Feeding for All bill (HB 2794) has a great chance to move through the House this week. If you care about our children getting food this summer and throughout the school year when it is not in session, email House Education Committee chair Joe Ellington and vice-chair Delegate Joshua Higginbotham today and tomorrow.

Below is a script to guide you. But nothing is more passionate than our own thoughts and words.

"Hello Delegate ____ ,

My name is _____ and I am concerned about our West Virginia school age children not receiving nutritious meals when school is not in session.

HB 2794, the Summer Feeding for All bill would play a major role in assisting counties and schools with making sure families know where they can go to receive food when school is not in session, including unforeseen emergency events including natural disasters. Please consider placing it on the education committee agenda for this coming week." 

(The bill would require counties to assess out of school student needs and resources and report this to the Office of Child Nutrition. This will give local parents and advocates information they need to expand out of school food programs.)

If you're in the Charleston area tomorrow (Feb. 12), there will be a Compassion Calls Us presentation in the lower rotunda at 10 a.m. It's also Food and Farm Day, so there will be lots of like minded people there and it'll be a good chance to move the bill.

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