March 08, 2018

Short notice, but last chance to stop a bad bill.

Labor struggles like #55united remind us of the need for solidarity with working class and low income people. Today (Thursday) at 1 in the WV Senate Health and Human Resources Committee, HB 4001 is up for final consideration.

It's a mean spirited bill that would take food away from thousands of vulnerable West Virginians, take millions out of local economies and strain already overburdened charities .You can read more about why it’s bad here.

If you can, please consider contacting committee members and especially chairs before `1 this afternoon and urge them to table the bill. Twitter handles for Chairman Tom Takubo and Vice-Chair Mike Maroney are @DrTomTakubo and @DrMikeMaroney. Takubo's office phone is (304) 357-7990.


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