August 01, 2017

Could this be real?

I may be dreaming, but I think I just saw an article in the NY Times about how some in Congress are working in a bipartisan way to fix the parts of the ACA that most need fixing, i.e. the individual markets. Some ideas about how to do this are laid out by the non-partisan Commonwealth Fund, a health care foundation. This approach is in stark contrast to certain screeching tweet threats, which some lawmakers from both parties fear will totally destabilize individual coverage for millions of Americans.

I'm not sure how realistic this is, but it would be nice if we could keep the parts that work and actually do some problem solving on the rest.


Antipode said...

If you're not for nationalized health care you are boring.

Bettina Jordan said...

Take NYT at it's word. It is, in spite of Mr President Tweet, the newspaper of record, as you well know. Write on!