June 08, 2017

A close one

According to The Hill, WV Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, who has previously supported retaining Medicaid expansion, is now open to phasing it out. This would be a disaster to the Mountain State, where 175,000 people have gained coverage. According to WV DHHR Secretary Bill Crouch, that includes 50,000 people getting treatment for opioid addiction in a state that leads the nation in overdose deaths.

The House plan, according to the CBO, would over time cut Medicaid coverage for 14 million people. Even a kinder, gentler, slower Senate phaseout could end coverage for millions.

Just another reason why it's important for West Virginians to contact Senator Capito's office and urge her to preserve this lifeline for so many West Virginians. To find out how to do that, click here.

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Mary Wildfire said...

Maybe I should put "my" reps on speed dial. How many times are we going to do this? My kids were talking about a friend who quit the patent office in disgust because it was so unfair to the little guy. Patents cost thousands of dollars, which is nothing for a big corporation--and if they're turned down they just apply again. And again, until they get it. Same deal here--they wanted to kill net neutrality and a surge of outrage from, well, basically everybody stopped them. Yay, net neutrality saved! But now here we go again, and now we have an administration that really doesn't care how intense the outrage gets, so looks like they'll be able to ruin the internet. They want an even worse healthcare situation so they voted 60 times to repeal ACA. Now they've come up with a terrible alternative, and outrage blocked it--but here we go again. If we stop it again, they'll come back again. And again. Until they get rid of ACA, and the Consumer Protection Office, and EPA and Social Security and mine safety laws and perhaps laws against child labor and slavery. We need a revolution.