September 12, 2016

Three for a Monday

I don't always agree with conservative broadcaster Hoppy Kercheval, but I'm totally down with him on this one. In this commentary, he calls for passage of the Miners Protection Act, which would help prop up promised pension benefits for miners from the Abandoned Mine Lands program. After being held up for years by senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, it seems to be finally gaining traction. I think this is a put up or shut up moment for those who pretend to care about miners.

From last week's Gazette, here's a piece by physician and Republican delegate Matthew Rohrbach supporting a state earned income tax credit. My solution  to the state's budget crisis, not that anyone cares, would be to increase some taxes and offset any regressive effect on low income families with a state EITC.

Finally, former state supreme court justice Richard Neely argues here that there are several good reasons for WV to legalize marijuana,  not all of which are related to taxes and budgets. Or Cheetos.

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