August 30, 2016


This morning I got a message from a friend saying that I'd managed to tick...well, he used another someone as far away as Idaho. I wondered how that happened as my reach doesn't usually extend that far.

It turns out it came from someone at a right wing "think" tank that among other things denies climate change. I don't think the article had a lot to do with what I wrote (check here). Here goes:

In his recent op-ed, “Our words say education but our actions say something else,” Rick Wilson shows himself ignorant of reality, or else intent on ignoring it.
Wilson argues for West Virginia making college tuition free, or less costly. Mr. Wilson, there’s no such thing as a “free” education. We may make education less costly for students, but what about for the taxpayers?
Giving away free college educations to everyone is a nice sentiment, but it isn’t practical, nor will doing so provide the economic and societal gains purported. Look at our situation now: The government made it so easy to get a federal student loan, it created an artificially inflated marketplace. If students didn’t have such easy access to loans, thousands fewer would be able to attend college, and colleges would be forced to lower their prices — thus reducing the student loan debt that haunts people into old age — or else go out of business.

The ease of acquiring a student loan has also been at the expense of education quality. Because more people are able to attend college, an increasing number feel it is necessary for career success to obtain a college degree, even from a mediocre or low-quality institution. College degrees are a very expensive rite of passage these days that end up meaning very little when everyone is expected to have one. A college degree has become a money-making scheme that institutions use to siphon money from students (and taxpayers), without helping them to obtain increased knowledge, skills or training.
Teresa Mull
Education Research Fellow
The Heartland Institute
Driggs, Idaho
Uhhh gee. I guess I was totally wrong. Higher ed is stupid. I recant. On the other hand, I do have the solace of a good deed since feeding trolls is a form of Christian charity.

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Norf C. said...

These conservatives might just be on to something. Instead of thinking with our heads maybe we should go back to thinking with our guts. If we all regard the workings of our gastrointestinal process as an academic activity, then the product of that process could be elevated in status to replace brains as a valued commodity.