June 22, 2016

Maybe our theory was correct

The latest word from DHHS is that those who received health coverage via Medicaid expansion are happy with the coverage AND it's improving overall health. Excerpt:

"...compared with non-expansion states, enrollees in expansion states saw a 41 percent increase in preventive service visits in community health centers; access to Medicaid prescription drug refills increased 25.4 percent in states that expanded coverage, compared to only 2.8 percent in states that did not expand coverage; and cost-related barriers to dental care fell from 30 percent in 2013 prior to Medicaid expansion to 25 percent in 2014 post Medicaid expansion.  Finally, today’s report finds that in four Medicaid expansion states, the uninsured share of hospitalizations for people with HIV declined 60 percent compared to 8 percent in non-expansion states."

Golly, who would have guessed?

Meanwhile, welfare reform didn't work out so well over the long haul. I hate to say I told you so...

And it's not all bad news for child well-being in WV.

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