January 28, 2016

Such a long day

If I had to come up with a title for a story about the WV legislature today, it would be something like "Beyond Whack."

Among the reasons for this was a public hearing on the Some PeopleReally Hate and are Scared of Gays Act Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is mostly about protecting the rights of people who hate gays to hate gays in the name of religion.

Before that was another public hearing on proposed right-to-work-for-less legislation at which I spoke against the legislation. It's always nice to hear from out of state billionaire-funded groups talk ****. It was clearly and "all hands on deck" command performance for the various representatives of WV's colonial overlords.

It would be hard to say whether screwing over workers or the politics of cultural jihad are the top priorities this session, but WV would be better off without either.

On the bright side, several hundred people of all ages attended Kids and Families Day at the capitol and tried to support a positive agenda.

I'd really like for all this to be a bad dream from which I will soon awaken.

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