September 08, 2015

Gaza on my mind, 1

This isn't the whole story.

I'm not sure I'm up for this post. Aside from the fact that it's really late Jerusalem time, visiting the Palestinian region of Gaza was one of the most intense experiences I've had. I may not be ready to write much about it, but here's a start.

A little preface. Gaza has been called an open air prison and that's not far from the mark, although parts of it are really beautiful and full of life.You may recall that armed conflict broke out most recently between Israel and Gaza in the summer of 2014. According to the UN, those 51 days of conflict resulted in 2,200 Palestinian and 71 Israeli deaths.

Of these fatalities, 1,492 Palestinian civilians of all ages were killed. Israel lost  a total of 71 people, 66 of whom were military losses. It's late and I'm so tired that I'm not sure about my math, but I think that's around 31 Palestinian deaths to 1 Israeli fatality, with the understanding that one death is too many.

According to the UN, "Israeli attacks striking residential buildings accounted for a significant number of civilian casualties, raising concerns about respect for the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution in attack under international humanitarian law (IHL)."

More on how it looks now to come.


Kristin said...

When I worked in Gaza and the West Bank in the 80s, it was like working in a concentration camp. The horror remains with me to this day.

anonymit said...

I'm so tired of these clueless blogs about Gaza and Israel. Oh the "poor Palestinians" again! The ones who fired rockets continuously at Israeli women, children, old people. Firing without discrimination. Hitting highrise residential buildings, schools, kindergartens. Aiming specifically at yellow Israeli school buses if possible - killing Israeli children. Terrorising 1 millions Israeli civilians for more than 9 years with these primitive rockets and missiles which could have killed hundreds of Israeli civilians if not for the fact that unlike the Arabs in Gaza ("Palestinians") Israel invested billions in protecting its population so that every rocket and missile that is fired from Gaza triggers sirens in every Israeli town and villages and sent a millions people to shelters, sometimes a few times a day. Every apartment and house in southern Israel has a shelter room and people are instructed how to protect themselves when these deadly rockets and missiles are fired by the "poor Palestinians". And there is Iron dome.
I'm sick and tired of this lie of the "poor Palestinians" who could have had their own independent Arab state, for the FIRST time already in 1948 if they did open a war and then another war and then countless terror attacks against Israel and then when Israel PROTECTS itself go and cry and lie to the world because there are always ignorant, clueless people such as yourself who will look at their misery and blame Israel for it instead of blaming the Arabs themselves. It's not Israel which created IS. It's not Israel which created the ruthless, violent and corrupt regimes of the arab world. It's not Israel that caused poverty and aggression in the arab world and it's not Israel which is responsible for the way the Arabs in Gaza or the west bank live. If they didn't murder more than 1500 Israeli civilians BEFORE the wall and checkpoints, there would not have been a wall now. And if they didn't elect HAMAS in Gaza which openly calls for the destruction of Israel and which attacks Israelis, there would not be a blockade on Gaza.