August 21, 2015

On Iran, death, hell and other stuff

WV Senator Joe Manchin is starting to feel the heat around the Iran deal, as this news story and this commentary show. I'm hoping that in the end he'll take advice like this.

NOT SURE I'M READY FOR THIS. It looks like Warner Brothers is going to make a film version of Dante's Inferno. Ironically, a silent version made over a century ago got it right. These days, who knows how bad it'll be? I guess the car chases will be cool anyway.

BEFORE HELL, COMES DEATH (unless it's a really bad day). Here's a look at how Americans die compared with other parts of the world.

THE END OF AN ERA. There have been lots of changes at the Charleston Gazette-Mail since the papers merged. Longtime journalist Paul Nyden is retiring. I hope he keeps sending stuff in though. He really rocked the pillars in the day.


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