July 11, 2015

Y'all shoulda talked me out of this

I'm about to head to Richwood, WV to make another attempt at the Scenic Mountain Triathlon (1/2 mile swim in a very cold river, 17+ bike mostly uphill, 6.2 mile run). I got talked into it by a much younger friend who incidentally has a functioning heart despite the fact that I'm a terrible swimmer with a busted cardio system and have done laps in a pool exactly once in the last few years.

However, to compensate, I got one of those triathlon wetsuits for warmth and buoyancy. It's hard to put on and take off but it does make me float like a cork. I may croak tomorrow but I probably won't drown. I figure if I make it out of the lake I can finish, although it might take a week or so.

Don't wait up.

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