March 10, 2015

What could go wrong?

Things are crazy the last week of the WV legislature in a good year, which this isn't. That means things are even crazier. I don't know where things stand now, but earlier today there was discussion about a bill that would not only allow indoor smoking at state casinos but also allow fireworks sales at the same places. A friend of mine came up with the above meme, which asks a great question: what could possibly go wrong?

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hollowdweller said...

My Grandad was a mayor of Nitro and also a machinist at Viscose.

He was a republican but also a union organizer for the Textile Workers of America.

My mom always said they could tell when he came home from down south on his organizing trips because he would always buy all kinds of fireworks there, where it was legal to shoot off and give as presents.

She said early in the AM they would wake up to strings of firecrackers going off outside and know he was home.