January 05, 2015

What he said

The Gentle Reader may be aware that Republicans now comprise the majority in the West Virginia legislature for the first time since the elections of 1932. It looks like one of the top items on the agenda will be eliminating state prevailing wage rules, which will mean lowering pay for construction workers. 

In the comment section of a newspaper, a friend of mine had this to say about that.

This sounds like a great idea!
WV is the second poorest in the nation, second only to Mississippi.
If we can pass prevailing wage law in WV and lower salaries for construction workers who have such easy jobs anyway then maybe we can lower the average salary and be the #1 lowest wage state in the country.
After all, low wages for workers equals prosperity right?? I mean drive around WV. We work cheaper than any other state but MS. You see how many fine houses, new cars and beautiful towns we have!
Pass repeal of prevailing wage! Make us #1 for low wages and we'll all be living great!!
(Yes, that was irony.)

Let the race to the bottom begin. God knows we're already pretty close.

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