January 21, 2015

The latest in coal kabuki

Coal kabuki is a West Virginia political art form  which is based on a ritualized display of undying loyalty to the coal industry, whether it needs or particularly wants it or not. This genre may well be entering its glory days. Here's Ken Ward on the latest example.

While we're at it, my friends in Iowa will no doubt be glad to hear of this proposal to do hog farming on mountaintop removal sites. Porcine waste has contributed vastly to the quality of life there. Here, we can be blessed with the best of both worlds.

(You know, if the plan involved planting multiflora roses for goat farming, I'd probably be down with it.)

MY BAD. For those who get Goat Rope via email, yesterday's post messed up the link to a piece about how writing about your experiences can improve your life. Sorry!

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