December 07, 2014

There is a debt owed

This article focuses on tough times in Kentucky's coal country, but the story is also true for WV. Especially worth a look are these comments by Jason Bailey with the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy:

"Government has found ways to help tobacco farmers and redwood loggers transition away from those industries, says Bailey. This region must be compensated for the cost it has borne “in providing the cheap power that built the modern American economy.”
“The region has paid it in spoiled water and degraded land and black lung disease, broken backs, torn-up roads, blasted mountains,” he says, noting these issues make it harder to diversify.
“I think there is a debt owed.”
WELCOME TO HELL, PART ONE. Here's a look at the link between right wing state attorneys general and energy companies. Including WV's current specimen.

WELCOME TO HELL, PART TWO. And here's a look at the fun and games that await in next year's legislative session.

Good times...

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