October 09, 2014

Wasn't expecting this

This has been an interesting news day. WV's right wing attorney general announced that he would not try to defend the state's ban on same sex marriages. It looks like marriage equality is coming to the Mountain State.

I also appreciate Gov. Tomblin's statement on these developments:

“As the attorney general stated today, recent rulings by several federal courts, combined with the refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear this issue, make it clear that laws banning same-sex marriage have been declared unconstitutional. I do not plan to take any actions that would seek to overturn the courts’ decisions. West Virginia will uphold the law according to these rulings, and I have directed state agencies to take appropriate action to make that possible.

Our state is known for its kindness and hospitality to residents and visitors alike. I encourage all West Virginians—regardless of their personal beliefs—to uphold our statewide tradition of treating one another with dignity and respect.”