August 10, 2014

Farmers gotta eat too

In case you missed it, here's a great piece from the NY Times about how real, i.e. non-corporate, farmers are faring in the food revolution. The short version is: not so good. But the writer puts forward some good ideas about a progressive agenda for farmers who are trying to produce food the best way.

SPEAKING OF PROGRESSIVE AGENDAS, in the wake of WV's chemical spill and the ensuing water crisis of last winter, a new business group has formed. The WV Sustainable Business Council promises to be a positive addition and a fresh voice with a long term vision.

A SHOUTOUT TO CAMUS. The French writer and philosopher Albert Camus has been a big influence on me, although I'm not a huge fan of his most popular novel, The Stranger, which has the distinction of being a book read by George W. Bush. (Talk about making the short list....) Still, I found this piece on how that novel influenced this writer to be worth a look. As for myself, I'm a Plague kind of guy.


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