July 15, 2014

Oh good

Congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan was in West Virginia recently campaigning for Shelley Moore Capito in her bid for the seat of the retiring Senator Joe Rockefeller.

According to Ryan, Capito will help get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which  has brought Medicaid coverage to around 134,000 working West Virginians since Jan. 1, not counting another 40,000 or so who got coverage under the ACA in other ways. In fact, the law that Capito will presumably get rid of has made WV one of the state's with the lowest rate of uninsured residents, as noted in yesterday's post and resulted in huge savings for the state's largest hospital system..

Nice. Let them eat Atlas Shrugged.

FIGS, ANYONE? Here are the latest musings of my friend the  Rev. Jim Lewis at Notes from Under the Fig Tree.

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Susan J. said...

That's funny, Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan. Progressives have done plenty to publicize Rand lately, as conservatives have similarly publicized Saul Alinsky. I found my old copies of Alinsky; haven't come across Rand yet... :-) Gotta stay up to date, dontcha know.

Washington Post this morning has 2 pieces about Ryan, one about 10 reasons why he'd be a good Republican candidate (the only one I remember right now is that his lack of charisma could be an advantage, given folks' recent experiences of having been charmed. The other one was about a recent Ryan speech. The only bit I remember about that is that I *finally* get what folks mean by "crony capitalism": that which the power concentration of Big Government and Big Business beget.