June 16, 2014

It's not all bad

With all the negative numbers and news stories coming out of WV these days, not to mention the ruling class hissy fit regarding Obama, the EPA and the so-called "war on coal," it's good to be reminded that the state is doing some things really well.

One thing that WV gets right, and is getting better with, is child nutrition. When it comes to school breakfast, lunch, snack nutrition standards, and to innovative ways of increasing participation, the state is a national leader. Much of that is due to the leadership of my friend Rick Goff, who heads the state Office of Child Nutrition. Goff was just invited to the White House for an event promoting child health with Michelle Obama.

West Virginia also is a leader in participation in the Community Eligibility Provision, which allows free meals for all kids in schools with a high percentage of kids living in poverty.

SPEAKING OF FOOD, here are some interesting things folks in Wheeling are doing to promote local foods and help revive the local economy.

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