February 08, 2014

Lost week

This blog has been sadly neglected lately. I've been running in circles and a lot of my chi has been devoted to following events at the WV legislature. It's been a busy week.

Since Monday, the minimum wage bill has cleared two House committees and one in the Senate. The Future Fund cleared its first hurdle in the Senate. And the Pregnant Workers Fairness bill passed the House. One important bill, however, Move to Improve, which would promote physical activity in schools to combat obesity and type II diabetes, has stalled for reasons that have more to do with ego than policy.

We also had a huge Our Children Our Future child poverty day at the legislature, with over 800 kids and adults rampaging about. They knew we were there. Today, I attended a child poverty forum in Clarksburg and put in a plug for the Future Fund.

The session reached its halfway mark Thursday. That's the good news. The bad news is that the last 30 are way more hectic.

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