January 06, 2014

Two from the road

It's been a long afternoon/evening driving through bitter cold so this will be short. I'm pleased to say that my car didn't try to kill me this time. I did manage to find two items worth a look.

FIRST, HOW BOUT THAT FRANCIS? According to this article, he's popular on both sides of the aisle (although I kind of wonder about one of them). At the very least, he is bringing certain topics to public attention. In a good way.

SECOND, WE'RE NOT THAT POLARIZED ABOUT EVERYTHING.  As E.J. Dionne argues here, most Americans agree on basic economic justice issues.


1 comment:

Barry said...

The Gingrich comment is especially telling: “I think the pope may, in fact, be starting a conversation at the exact moment the Republican Party itself needs to have that conversation.”

Francis is "starting the conversation"? Please. It's a conversation that has been going on for decades, and Gingrich, Ryan, et al have been doing their best to ignore it, when they're not squelching it.

What's new is their calculation that it's an issue they need to engage ... or at least appear to engage.