January 22, 2014

Rant alert

I feel a major one coming on. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe in print rather than online. But one's on the way.

The rant will be related to the "aquacalypse" that has hit around 300,000 West Virginians over the past several days.

I've been thinking about how when Senator Joe Manchin was governor he took down the popular "Wild, wonderful West Virginia" signs at the borders and put up ones that said "Open for business" until popular outcry got too loud to ignore.

(Maybe that sign should now be updated to say "Open for poison.")

West Virginia has indeed been wide open for certain kinds of business for the last 100 years or so to get away with murder, metaphorically and sometimes literally. And, with some notable exceptions, the state's political leaders have done all they could to help.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, as real chickens do. And one irony of all this is that this "open for business" attitude helped lead to this toxic mess that will make it even harder to attract the kinds of people and businesses and investments we need to move beyond the pillage economy.

I'd also like to ask a couple of WV's top level politicians a question. That question is this: "if the people of West Virginia one of these days get sick and tired of being sold out to corporations by politicians, how much do you think your life would change?"

My guess is, a lot.

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Hollowdweller said...

There was a cool commentary in the old Graffiti mag by CAG Norm.

I wish I could find it.

Basically what it was talking about was people moving out of state to find jobs and the whole Jobs Jobs Jobs at all cost mantra.

In it it basically said how many jobs and what kind of jobs do we really want? If more jobs meant making Charleston like Chicago would we want that?

The whole thing was sort of a musing on how we say we value these things about WV but if we really got as many jobs as we could all those things would be gone.