September 10, 2013

Looking down on the world

Today I decided to hike to the top of Seneca Rocks, one of West Virginia's most beautiful sites.

There was some good advice along the way, although it wasn't taken.

The view of the top was interesting.

As was the view from the top.

Note: these photos were taken with the Precious (aka iPhone). It would probably have been much cooler with a real camera.

NOTE: Link truck didn't run today.

1 comment:

Hollowdweller said...

Great pics.

You know, I have looked down on the back of Seneca Rocks from the top of North Fork Mountain.

I have looked down on the front of Seneca Rocks from up on Roaring Plains.

But I've never made the hike to the top. One day.

I've always wanted to visit the swimming hole described at the base of Seneca Rocks but I have never done that either.