September 16, 2013

I'm in so much trouble

Over the years,the Spousal Unit and I have had a disagreement or too. No, really. One of these is about guinea hens. I think they're so ugly they're cute. She thinks they are loud, messy and obnoxious.

But last night when a friend emailed saying he had some baby guineas and asked if I wanted any, I replied with a profanity-laced affirmative. I was mostly kidding. He was serious. Before I really thought it through I was on my way to my buddy's farm.

I wound up coming home with 11 babies who are now residing in a box in the house with a heat lamp shining above.

They are kind of cute at this point but they are already LOUD. The only consolation is that one guinea peeping is almost as loud as all of them peeping together so there's really not much difference, really, between having three or four and having eleven. That's my story anyway.

They do seem to quiet down a bit when I sing "Mule Skinner Blues" to them, but that's not something once can do 24/7

So while guineas are in the house, El Cabrero is in the doghouse.

YOU ALREADY KNEW THIS: austerity is a bad idea.

IN THE CROSSHAIRS. House Republicans are targeting food stamps (aka SNAP). Here's the lowdown.

ALSO A TARGET, of course, is the Affordable Care Act. Here's some interesting public opinion research on that topic.

WANT TO REDUCE PRISON ADMISSIONS? Try reducing the dropout rate.

CAT YOGA. You knew they did it. Here are some outstanding examples.

FINANCIAL ADVICE on a 4x6 index card.


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Hollowdweller said...

Glad to help.

In the long run they help your relationship.

Once you learn to tune them out you can also tune out any body or thing so in domestic situations guinea owners tend to take less offense or exception to things their significant others say.