July 21, 2013

Mission accomplished

El Cabrero is far from being God's gift to gardening. For the most part, I'm terrible at it and weeding is one of my least favorite activities. However, for some reason I seem to have a karmic affinity to garlic, which is my specialty.

Usually we plant it sometime around Christmas, after the ground has frosted but before it gets too hard. When the scapes or bulbs come up in early to mid summer, we cut them off and sometimes eat them. Once they start to grow, we weed as needed. Harvest time is usually the second half of July, when the plants start to lose their green sheen.

This year we have a bumper crop, enough to last through the year and to plant next time around. Which is a good thing since we just garlic in just about everything we eat with the exception of ice cream (although that might be interesting just once).

JUST ONE LINK TODAY. Here's yet another news report on the growing interest among legislators in establishing a Future Fund or permanent trust fund from mineral severance taxes in West Virginia.


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