June 13, 2013

One good whack deserves another two

Earlier this week, I linked a good op-ed by E.J. Dionne on economic libertarianism. Here's another practical critique by Michael Lind and a more philosophical one from the Roosevelt Institute blog.

WHILE WE'RE AT IT, this column by economist Dean Baker points out that the latest free trade deal, like many before it, is mostly not about trade. And certainly not about democracy.

MR. MOJO RISIN.  The Spousal Unit has been bugging me for a week to put up a link about a newly discovered bearded lizard species (extinct, alas) that has just been named after Doors lead singer Jim Morrision. It's full name is Barbaturex morrisoni. I'm trying to think up some appropriate Doors lyric, but the closest I can come up with is "ride the snake" from The End.


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