May 07, 2013

Just a quick (zombie) note... inform or remind you that May is Zombie Awareness Month. Why May? Apparently, this is the month in which George Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead was set. Somehow, I missed that detail when I watched the movie. Supporters are encouraged to wear a gray ribbon "to signify the undead shadows that lurk behind our modern light of day.

The Zombie Research Society (ZRS), which promotes this public service, has a great slogan:

"What you don't know can eat you."

RANDOM THOUGHT.  Whilst posting this vital public safety information, the thought occurred to me of a great movie mashup: Saturday Night of the Living Dead Fever. "Staying Alive" would still be the theme song, although it might be a bit of a challenge.

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Steven Allen Adams said...

The more you know.