April 22, 2013

Birthday boy

It has come to my attention that today is the birthday (or the day the birthday is celebrated anyway) of the great philosopher Aristotle back in 384 BC. He is pictured in Raphael's School of Athens beside his older teacher Plato. Characteristically, Plato point upward to the realm of the Forms while Aristotle points downward to the earth.

Dante called him "master of those who know" and I will say he did pretty good.

Speaking of Dante, thanks to the Spousal Unit, I am now a paid up member--I would say card-carrying member but they don't issue cards--of the Dante Society of America. I'm presuming that membership comes with a license to raise hell. Mine hasn't come in the mail yet but I guess I don't have to wait.

JUST ONE LINK about WV's innovative legislation aimed at combating child hunger and obesity.


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