January 06, 2013

Return of the yeti

Regular readers of this blog may recall that Arpad (pronounced Arpod), the Great Pyrenees security chief of Goat Rope Farm, hit a rough spell late this summer when he had a disagreement with a motor vehicle. His tibia was broken. Surgery was had but for some reason, the plates didn't hold and the bone broke again, almost coming through the skin.

It was bad. There followed another surgery which involved metal bars going clear through his leg, which led my daughter to call him Franken-Pod. This meant the boy had to be pretty immobile and stay indoors for the first time in his life. 

Then there were days when the bars came loose and his leg smelled like a deer carcass. Like I said, it was bad. It looked like he might lose a leg. Or that we might lose a Pod.

Through it all though, he was the most amazingly patient patient, taking it all in stride.

After a while, he started really getting better. We had a scare one night when he got out and ran all over the hills barking at the bad guys like the good old days. We were afraid the leg would break again and he'd return with a blood stump.

I'm pleased to say that didn't happen. He's now back outside and on duty, taking walks when he chooses, barking at the villains, and surveying his domain, which in his mind is everything he surveys.

The Pod abides.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog!

Anonymous said...

Aslan has returned! Epic Journey Pizzzz, love Sissy

Elizabeth Gaucher said...

He is simply amazing.

Hollowdweller said...

There is no drama with the Large White dog, as with the Large White Goat.

Their mellow personalities help them get thru tough times.