August 19, 2012


 There are lots of things worse than getting an irritating song stuck in your head. One such thing, I have discovered, is getting a little league cheer stuck in your head.

Allow me to explain. My grandson recently starting playing little league football. I've been to two games so far. The cheerleaders seem fiercer than the players on his team, so far anyway. And one of the cheers has wormed its way into my brain like some kind of tropical parasite.

Here's how it goes:

Big fat apples, skinny bananas
We're the girls from Alabama
That's a lie, here's the truth
We're the might Panthers
Aren't we cute?
Both my daughter (a former raging cheerleader) and the Spousal Unit think this is the Best Cheer Ever. I'm ashamed to say we even make up various Spanish versions of it. The saddest part is, I know the hand moves that go with it.

Help me...quickly.

FROM CURSE TO BLESSING. Here's my latest rant in the Gazette. This one is about how WV needs to change the mineral extraction game and create a Future Fund.

THE SCARE IN MEDICARE. E.J. Dionne's got this one.

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW is a better toilet?


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