April 16, 2012

Point to point

There are a lot of beautiful places in El Cabrero's beloved state of West Virginia and I just got to spend a little time with family in one of them, to wit Fayette County in and around the New River Gorge. In lieu of trying to write some semi-serious social commentary, let me just say that at one point we hiked a trail near Fayetteville to a great view of the Gorge and of the famous bridge that crosses it. Yes, that would be the one they parachute off of (sorry about ending that phrase with a preposition).


A little later, as we crossed the bridge, the Spousal Unit snapped a picture of the overlook at the spur of the mountain in the middle. Between the two, there is a whole lot of down. If you've never been to the area, drop everything and hit it ASAP. There is something magical about the place.

SCORE ONE FOR F. SCOTT FITZGERALD, who wrote in so many words that the rich are different. That's especially true these days when it comes to taxes.

THE BUFFETT RULE. You've probably heard about it and will hear more on Tax Day. Here's a starter.



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