March 28, 2012

More gear

El Cabrero is about to hit the road for a week or so, but I would not leave you unprepared, Gentle Reader. As a parting offering, I'm pleased to share the following two links sent by a friend, which may prove useful in dealing with or preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

The first is a "splattering target" for marksmen preparing for the walking dead and the second is a selection of Kabar Zombie Killer blades, of which the advertisement says:

 These toxic green gripped blades aim to put your mind at ease should you ever be face to face with an undead enemy without a firearm. Of course they look cool! Of course they will clear brush and work hard tackling your day-to-day. But hey, you just never know when their true intentions may need to be put to use. Do you want to take that chance? Will you be prepared?
Scoff if you want--but if, God forbid, you ever do get eaten by zombies, it won't be this blog's fault.

HOW WE GOT HERE. This Gazette op-ed on the great recession caught my eye.

MINE SAFETY. Alpha Natural Resources, the company that bought out Massey Energy, plans to begin construction on a "state of the art" mine safety and training facility by June. This was part of a settlement with the US Department of Justice in the wake of Massey's Upper Big Branch disaster.

HEALTH CARE JU JITSU? Robert Reich thinks so.

NOTE: Posts will be a bit irregular over the next week or so.


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