February 16, 2012

Speaking of possums

Yesterday's post about possums reminded me of a little adventure from back when the Spousal Unit and I served on our local volunteer fire department. It went like this...

One Monday night, we went to our usual meeting/training session at the fire house. We could tell right away something was wrong. A climate of fear pervaded the station.

"We're so glad you came, " some of the guys said.

They weren't talking to me. They were talking to the Spousal Unit, who was regarded as something of a critter whisperer.

It turned out there was a terrifying intruder in the station that day, a savage beast that struck fear into the hearts of stalwart men who would rush to burning buildings, hazmat spills, explosive car crashes and other dangerous situations.

A baby possum under a fire truck to be exact...

To make a long story short, she put on gloves, crawled under the truck, picked up the possum, took it out back to a field and gave it some dry cat food.

The boys were in awe. I never got that kind of respect. But then, I'm not a possum whisperer.


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Hollowdweller said...

My buddy was deer hunting one year near his camp in Pocahontas county.

He came upon the edge of this field and saw a sheep laying in the edge of the field on it's side.

As he came closer he could see the sheep was on it's side violently shaking.

He raised his gun, sort of afraid that it had rabies or some other disease and in it's death throes might jump up and charge him.

The closer he got the more violent the shaking became until he was nearly on top of it and the shaking suddenly stopped and a huge possum came crawling out of where the sheeps anus had been.

He then realized the sheep was long dead and ripe, and the possum had chewed his way into the body cavity via the aunus and was just having a nice little picnic.