February 09, 2012

Of various items, including zombies and living in trees

I have mentioned in previous posts about how a certain over-educated daughter of mine is fascinated with the idea of a zombie apocalypse. We happened to share a meal this evening after a karate class and in due time she explained her latest theory about how such zombie eruptions were to be endured.

Her theory suggested that humans revert to living in trees, which presumably zombies would be too stupid to climb. She reasoned that people living there could "pick fruit and catch birds." Again, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

IT'S OFFICIAL. Some chimps like iPads and computer games.

THE NICER APES. Here's a look at bonobos, who are probably the nicest branch of the great ape tree (which includes us). Too bad we're not descended from them.

TAI CHI can be good for Parkinson's patients.


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Bob said...

She should meet my daughter, they could have deep meaningful conversations over important topics like that.