November 09, 2011


A hearty congratulations to voters in Ohio, who delivered a stunning rebuke to union busters and others who wished to declare open war on the middle class. CNN projects that voters defeated attacks on collective bargaining by a measure of 62 to 38 percent.

That should be a major setback to the plutocratic agenda (and, I hope, the tripartite alliance of greed, ignorance and hatred on which it depends for political success). It would be nice to think that some kind of change is in the air.

Here's the NY Times on yesterday's elections. Aside from the victory in Ohio, I think it's interesting that voters in Mississippi rejected a strict anti-abortion measure.

The whole thing of what constitutes a person is a bit murky these days. I modestly propose that we focus instead on distinguishing between real people and corporations. Sorry, Mitt.



Ted B said...

Why do you hate FREEDOM so much?

El Cabrero said...

Not to mention babies

hollowdweller said...

Was just emailing with a previous coworker who moved to OH for better wages doing the same thing but for the State there.

Got to talking to him and while the state of OH does offer more wages and a very slightly better retirement benefit formula, they do not pay into SS for their employees so it turns out that as far as retirement WV actually treats their folks better.

Could the tide of crazy be turning back? Let us pray.

El Cabrero said...