October 12, 2011

Nice kitty

Image by way of wikipedia.

The holler in which Goat Rope Farm is situated is pretty rich in living things. Yesterday's post featured a giant puffball, just one representative of its happy fungus population.

When we first moved here 8 years ago, there were no squirrels. Now they're all over the place. Deer are plentiful--so plentiful I'm hopeful that Artemis, goddess of wild things and the hunt, will spare one for me this fall. Wild turkeys are everywhere too. Coyotes often howl at night, which puts Arpad, our Great Pyrenees on high alert. Blue and green herons show up from time to time when the creek is full of minnows. The other day we saw a red fox on a walk.

But this weekend, we had a special treat when we spotted a bobcat. From various signs, we thought there were some around here, but it was quite a thrill to get a look at one. Of course, bobcats are masterful predators and we have chickens and such. I hope it finds other food but would somehow begrudge a big kitty less for a chicken or two than a neighbor's dog or a possom or raccoon.

Next up: maybe a bear?

DOING THE NUMBERS. This series of charts shows what the Wall Street occupiers are so upset about. If you click on the link, you will find a picture of a protester with a sign containing profanity, but the bulk of the article is about statistics on economic inequality.



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Hollowdweller said...

Envious. Heard many but never seen a bobcat in the wild.

So what do you think about the free trade bill?

Find it somewhat ironic that the one thing that has bipartisan support will screw the middle class out of more jobs.

They are playing up the increased exports of machinery and farm products. I guess that means that manufacturers will be hiring way more robots and the farms will be putting on tons more Mexicans to keep up with demand.

Heck since one of the deals is with Columbia maybe we can provide airline tickets to their farmers who are put out of a job by a flood of cheap US agricultural imports so they can hurry up and get here so they can join their friends as slave labor for US agribusiness.

Rant over.