October 19, 2011

Goats announce farm occupation

We should have expected this given the worldwide outbreak of protests inspired by Occupy Wall Street. The goats here have announced their official occupation of Goat Rope Farm after meeting in a general assembly to prepare their demands.

According to Arcadia S. Venus, duly elected spokesperson, who stressed that she was not the leader of the group, "We want grain at least twice a day, plus beet pulp, alfalfa cubes and decent hay. And we demand clean drinking water and a formal acknowledgement that whenever we poop in it it's your fault."

Since these demands have basically all been met, aside from the formal acknowledgement, we anticipate that the occupation will continue indefinitely.

SENSE IS TALKED HERE about the American Jobs Act.

ANOTHER TRILLION. Outstanding student loan debt has hit the magic number.

IN CASE THERE'S A BABY IN YOUR LIFE, they learn more from playing than from watching screens.


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Hollowdweller said...

Great pics. I emailed AM to ask if you guys had any flagging tails yet but no reply. Not sure if I got the right email addy.

The college thing mirrors the housing bubble.

While some degrees will get you a good paying job kids have been buying the equivalent of "McMansion" degrees that they pay a lot for but are overvalued.

Then when they graduate they are underwater vocationally speaking and they cannot "flip" their high priced degree into a job to pay the loan off. "The Man" screws the working class agin!