August 24, 2011

Shook up

Dammit. West Virginia hardly ever gets anything remotely resembling an earthquake (if you don't count industrial disasters) and I missed this one. Just to be clear, I wouldn't want to experience a big one, but it would have been nice to notice a little one if it actually happened.

I've tried to figure out where I was at 1:51 yesterday afternoon and think it was driving in my old car. The vehicle in question (US and union made by the way) has around 300,000 miles on it and is pretty shaky pretty much all the time. It would have had to have been on an entirely different level of magnitude for me to feel it in that bucket.

Still, one can't be too careful about things like earthquakes. Just for safety's sake, a sacrifice to the Greek god Poseidon might be in order since he has jurisdiction over such things. He's pretty grumpy and it's never a bad idea to stay on his good side.

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