June 01, 2011

Of dogs, politics and scatology

Arpad, shown here before his summer haircut, goes wherever he wants to.

Anyone who has been around the block a few times knows that politicians can be full of surprises. Sometimes they do things that are disappointing or downright infuriating. Sometimes they surprise you the other way, by supporting decent stands for reasons which may be principled, cynical or even kind of random.

The surprises can come both from ones you like and who support your issues and from those you think are hopeless.

A while back, a friend of mine who happens to be a Quaker with some lobbying experience (you know who you are) gave me some good advice for the occasions when they go your way. I may be paraphrasing, but I remember her words coming out something like this:

When the dog uses the bathroom in right place, you gotta say "Good boy!"

Actually, the original version might have been a bit more colorful. Still, it stuck in my mind as good advice. I always try to say "thank you" when there's an occasion.

DEBT CEILING The US House majority is playing a game of debt ceiling chicken to force major cuts in domestic spending. To extend the canine metaphor, I believe that would constitute going to the bathroom in the wrong place.

STUDENT LOANS might be the next bubble.

BACKROOM DEALS?. Here are some interesting developments in the sale of Massey Energy to Alpha Natural Resources.

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN on religion.



Celeste Monforton said...

My dog Laredo says to Arpad, I'll show you my summer haircut, if you show me yours.

El Cabrero said...

You're on. Click or copy this: