June 08, 2011

Highlighting an absurdity

I apologize for late posting today. Goat Rope Farm was without electricity overnight and into the morning after a storm yesterday.

In lieu of regular random rants, here are some pictures of the Rally for the Really Rich/Bake Sale for Medicare and Medicaid, which was held in Charleston WV yesterday evening.

In addition to the bake sale, we had some fat cats to highlight the absurdity of extending the Bush tax cuts while cutting vital programs for ordinary Americans.

It was probably the only chance some of us will have to see some people in tuxes.

There was a bit of street action.

Plus, we had great music provided by the Carpenter Ants.

Our "bake sale" netted $102 for Medicare and Medicaid. Presenting that princely sum to the government will probably be our next cheap publicity stunt.

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