June 30, 2011

Heads up

I would be remiss in my husbandly duties if I didn't mention that the Spousal Unit has recently started a blog of her own.

She was selected this year to be one of 16 participants in a six week long Dante seminar for educators which is being held in Siena, Italy. Yes, it's another one of those dirty thankless jobs, but somebody's got to do it. The blog is all about Dante and the trip, with lots of pictures. I'm going to try to get there for a week or so in July.

A nun friend told me to be sure to check out the head of St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), which is now kept in that city's Basilica of San Domenico. Apparently, her thumb is there too.

The story goes that her body was kept in Rome after her death but some intrepid (and possibly over-zealous) monks removed the head and snuck it back to Siena, concealing it in a bag. For that reason, she is sometimes said to be the patron saint of contraband.

When I get there, I'll be sure to check it out. Meanwhile, thanks to my friendly nun for the (groan) heads up.

SO WHAT CAN WE AFFORD, ACTUALLY? A new report estimates that our current wars could wind up costing $4 trillion, not counting a bunch of dead and wounded people.

MORE MEDICAID MESS. Here's the latest bad idea.

COOKING THE BOOKS. Here's the latest from the federal investigation of Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine disaster. Meanwhile, criminal investigations of the company may go farther up the chain.


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