June 24, 2011

The grammar police

It isn't her full time gig, but the Spousal Unit sometimes serves as a member of the axillary grammar police. In this capacity, she lacks the formal power to conduct arrests and criminal investigations and impose formal sanctions.

This does not deter her, however, from running around the house ranting and foaming at the mouth about particular grammatical or semantic atrocities.

The latest offense that set off a tirade was an ad that said "To each their own." This mingling of singular and plural was in her eyes an offense which all the waters of the Mississippi, the Volga and the Yangtze could never wash away.

Had I but the courage, I would have said "Irregardless, I could care less"--just to watch the sparks fly.

UPPING THE ANTE. The prospects for an agreement on raising the federal debt limit hit a snag.

WONKY BUT IMPORTANT. Here's a look at why spending caps and a balanced budget amendment are bad ideas.

WHY DO DOGS BARK? Click here.



hollowdweller said...

Kay Preen Challenger ;-)

El Cabrero said...

Yeah, that's always good to get a rise out of her.